Top 10 Facts About Road Safety in the UK

A good destination to start is our fact sheet on a safe system method of road safety, which explains the United Nations-backed method of tackling deaths and injuries on roads. Brake helps this approach to attain our eye-sight of an environment of travel that is safe, renewable, healthy and fair.

Over 90% of deaths on the highways occur in low income and middle-income countries which have only 48% of the world’s registered vehicles. Pedestrian, cyclists, riders of motorized two wheelers are regarded as motorists. Around 46% of global highway traffic death triggered due to broadband of the riders. Managing speed can be an important way of minimizing road traffic injuries, especially among pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclist. We must have to take some significant action to help make the world’s road safer. we have discussed some Road Safety in UK facts below to enable you to take ideas from it to save your life.


Rate is one of the key issues that cause the immediate death. One must control the pace such that it can reduce the road injuries. You can find significantly less than one-third countries who have considered necessary steps for example low rate.
Drinking alcohol AND DRIVING

Drinking and traveling increase the chance of a crash which could result in loss of life or serious accident. That is a most popular trend that is followed by a huge amount of people, plus some fewer people follow these guidelines. That is a central global highway safety fact that people are facing in our daily life.


Utilizing a helmet while traveling reduces the chance of death from a road crash looked after saves from the serious injury. But there are fewer countries which may have motorcycle helmet laws that cover both riders and passengers. Choose the high-quality bike or car generating products at affordable rates by using Vikings Hand bags Coupon.

Use of seats belt is one of the global highway safety facts. A lot of the accidents cause because forward seating passengers don`t use a chair belt while generating or seated on leading seating. Wearing a chair belt reduces the reason for death and only 57% countries have a regulation for both car driver and nearby traveler to wear a seating belt.

Usage of child’s control like child’s seats, infant’s couch, or booster chair can decrease the chance of children’s death. Not even half of all peoples have laws placing your order the use of child’s restraint in vehicles.

Every year there remain 1.3 million road traffic causes worldwide. A lot of the fatality occurs because individuals do not value the pedestrians and cyclist. That is the key global road safeness fact that people have observed in our day to day life.

Pre-hospital care is also central global street safety fact because high-quality pre clinic care can save many lives or people wounded in highway traffic crashes. A couple of 90 different pre clinic care access mobile phone numbers that require to be bought into one global amount or a few local figures.

Another global street safety simple truth is many countries have taken the initiative to control the road traffic injuries. Through these efforts, it can help everyone to lessen the loss of life rates of the world.

The look of streets can have a substantial impact on their safety. It is the essential global street safety proven fact that there must be excellent facilities for pedestrians, cyclist, and motorcyclist.

This is actually the idea that road users always get injured while crossing a road. It’s the biggest problem of mortality that is faced by everyone. Everyone should wear safeness products to save their life.
They are the valuable global highway safety facts that are facing by everyone on the planet. People should take proper care of them and follow the regulations and rules with their country.

1. Every day, normally, five people are killed and 64 seriously wounded on UK streets.

2. Almost five times as much died on the streets in 1966 with a peacetime peak of 21.9 every day.

3. All over the world traffic accidents get rid of more than 1.25 million people per annum and injure 50 million.
4. Road accidents will be the leading reason behind death round the world for individuals aged 15-29.

5. 45 % of fatalities on UK streets are car motorists or individuals; 25 % are pedestrians.

6. Per mile travelled, however, the most dangerous form of carry is motorcycles with 112.3 fatalities per billion miles travelled compared with 2.0 deaths per billion miles for folks who pass car.

7. The first pedestrian killed by an automobile in the united kingdom was Bridget Driscoll, 44, of Croydon in 1896
8. …though curiously, her almost namesake, Bridget O’Driscoll was a Titanic survivor in 1912.

9. Pedestrian crossings were created in 1934. Their black-and-white stripes weren’t added until in 1951.

10. The initial recorded use of the phrase “highway safety” is at 1906 in a publication by Henry C Pearson entitled Plastic Tires And All About Them.