6 tips for amazing DIY flowers

Designing and creating your own wedding flowers is a huge task, however, it’s one that will pay off massively on your big day.

To keep things as simple and straight-forward as possible, follow our 6 top tips.

Design in advance

It’s time to take to Pinterest: taking time to mull over your wedding flowers is the best way to get going. Draw inspiration from weddings you’ve been to previously, internet dream boards and even your next door neighbour’s hanging baskets.

You’ll need to think realistically around what you can afford, what you can buy in-season and what you can put together in time. Then, when you’re ready, buy a few cheap flowers and get practicing your arrangement.

Pre-buy supplies

A lot of the time, arranging your own wedding flowers isn’t as simple as tying them together with a piece of string. For a lot of your ideas, it’s likely you’ll need floral scissors, tape, pins, wire, and ribbon to recreate the bouquets you’ve seen on Instagram.

Buy your supplies in advance so you’re prepared.

Pick long-lasting flowers

When arranging your own flowers, you need to be careful to pick hardy blooms that are unlikely to droop or even die before making it down the aisle.

Once you’ve bought your flowers, immediately place them into clean water and remove any leaves or foliage beneath the water line. Store them in a shaded and cool area of your home.

Recruit help

It’s not only going to be much more fun to get other people involved in arranging, but also a lot less stressful for you. Print out pictures of what you want to achieve and make sure everyone is sat together to start making your aspirations come to life. Then once everything is done, wait until your guests have left and perform a little quality control. It’s important to make sure everything is just right and to your liking.

Don’t overcomplicate things

Remember that less is more when it comes to your wedding flowers. Plus, less will also mean more time for you to focus on other important aspects of your big day. Pick a design that contains just one to three flowers and experiment with ways to put them all together. Remember you’re not only making one bouquet – chances are you’re making upwards of ten then table arrangements, too. Choose a design that you won’t end up pulling your hair out over.

Be aware of where you’re ordering from

Ordering form wholesalers is definitely going to be the most affordable option for your flowers, but you need to be wary of how they will arrive. Often flowers will arrive early and still closed, which means you’ll need to have someone on standby to look after them and keep them alive until they bloom. Some flowers may need more tending to than others, so be wary of this and plan in extra time if needs be. Order your flowers from us at Wholesale Flowers UK to receive 10% off your whole order.