Butcher’s Shops and Abattoirs Ignoring Need for Wall Cladding

Food hygiene isn’t just something consumers expect in restaurants. Butcher’s shops and abattoirs have a duty to ensure they prepare meat in hygienic environments. Yet many are ignoring the need for wall cladding. Prosecutions have included regulation breaches over food preparation and storage areas. Filthy conditions have been noted by inspectors, who have found meat being prepared for sale in environments where walls and ceilings have not been cleaned.

“This is unacceptable,” says a spokesman for CleanClad, the UK’s market-leading brand of PVC wall cladding. A long-time supplier of low maintenance hygiene applications to butchers and abattoirs, it is surprised how many businesses are still operating in conditions that are very difficult to properly clean. The spokesman said: “Crumbling walls, mold, pests and grime should not be a feature of the meat industry in 2019.”

Wall cladding for butcher’s shops and abattoirs

Butcher’s shops and abattoirs must pay particular attention to cleaning because of the potential for cross-contamination. In serious cases, breaches can lead to businesses being immediately closed down. CleanClad says inspectors are taking a robust approach to public safety. “They are effectively weeding out those businesses that are not playing by the rules and putting public health at risk. The cost of a prosecution can be enormous, so it makes sense to take hygiene very seriously, ” said the spokesman.

“In the current climate, there really is no need for any butcher’s shops or abattoirs to be falling below standards. Our products conceal hard-to-clean surfaces and make the task of keeping on top of food hygiene easy. Wall cladding is highly beneficial in environments where surfaces have to be cleaned regularly. It is ultra-low maintenance and can be thoroughly cleaned quickly.”

Meet hygiene standards with PVC wall cladding

CleanClad is the PVC wall cladding trusted by household names. It is less expensive than traditional alternatives, including stainless steel and times. The products in the range resist moisture, have a Class 1 fire resistance rating and are extremely durable. It is recommended for food storage areas as well as environments where food is prepared.

Available nationwide at https://www.cleanclad.net/, CleanClad can be delivered to any business address in 1 to 3 working days. The brand supplies everything from PVC wall and ceiling cladding to high-grab adhesives and trims. It operates a cladding installation service and accepts projects around the UK. Customers have included leading restaurant and hotel chains, along with hospitals and universities.

Cost-effective wall cladding for meat processors

Meat processing carries significant risks, if hygiene is ignored. That is why butcher’s shops and abattoirs are being encouraged to invest in low maintenance wall cladding. Suitable for any high-risk environment, it can be quickly bonded to prepared surfaces and provides long-lasting efficiency.

If you are concerned about hygiene in your butcher’s shop or abattoir, find out more about CleanClad. Call 0333 456 6707 or visit the website.