Biography of Benedikt Sobotka, CEO of Eurasion Resources Group (ERG)

Title: Biography of Benedikt Sobotka, CEO of Eurasion Resources Group (ERG)

Description: Benedikt Sobotka is Chief Executive Officer of ERG, one of the world’s largest mining and smelting corporations.

Mr. Sobotka plays a leading role in implementing the World Economic Forum Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI).

Benedikt Sobotka: Biography

Benedikt Sobotka is CEO of Eurasian Resources Group, one of the world’s largest mining and smelting corporations, ERG is headquartered in Luxembourg, and employs over 85,000 people. The company is one of the leaders in the mining and smelting industry.

Mr. Sobotka graduated from the WHU School of Management, Moscow Finance Academy and CEIBS Shanghai.

Sobotka: Start of business career

Mr. Sobotka was holding managerial positions at Boston Consulting Group, participating in resource development projects in Germany, UK, Russia and South Africa. In 2011, he founded Bryanston Resources, an advisory company specializing in commodity investments. Over two years, the company grew to 10 offices and over 100 employees.

Moreover, Benedikt invests in high-tech startups. ERG’s CEO invested in Mineral Values Service (MVS), which was acquired by Platts Dow Jones in 2015. The businessmen also founded Advanced Membrane Systems, a producer and manufacturer of nanofilters in the Cleantech sector.

Sobotka: leading ERG

In January 2014, Benedikt Sobotka was appointed Chief Executive Office of Eurasian Resources Group, and set the Company at a new vector of development.

With the advent of the new leader, ERG perfected its corporate governance and compliance practices. The Company’s Leader initiated ERG’s active

Cooperation with Chinese partners in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Africa and Brazil. Eurasian Resources Group respects the interests of all parties concerned, including local communities, within the framework of One Belt One Road programme. Under Mr Sobotka’s leadership, ethics has become a crucial value in all matters related to labor organization at mining companies.

Eurasian Resources Group and the World Economic Forum

ERG became a Foundation Member of the World Economic Forum in 2014, and a Strategic Partner Associate at the end of 2015. Benedikt Sobotka played a major role in promoting the WEF’s initiative Global Battery Alliance. ERG is a foundation partner and co-chair of the Alliance.

Benedikt Sobotka plays a leading role in the World Economic Forum Partnering Against Corruption Initiative» (PACI). ERG is cooperating with PACI within the Future Trust and Integrity Project programme.

More about Mr. Sobotka

Mr. Sobotka is also a member of the Governors Steering Committee for the Mining and Metals community, and a co-chair of the education programme The Next Generation of Leaders, aimed at raising the level of governance in the metallurgical industry.

ERG’s head is fluent in 6 languages:

Chinese (basic)

Benedikt Sobotka is a co-writer China Champions published by Financial Times. In the joint publication, ERG’s Head provides recommendations to German companies as to how to do business on the Chinese market.