polish pottery ceramic mugs guide

Available in an assortment seasonal of patterns, our handmade Polish pottery mugs are one of Terri’s favorite products! Whether you like the beautiful pedestal mugs or our hand-warming bubble mugs, these hand-painted ceramic mugs can make the perfect gift yourself or a loved one.
Perhaps you’re not used to Europe and you also haven’t found the buzz. Maybe you’re resisting the temptation to make that first purchase because you understand you’ll soon be addicted and can’t stop at just a handful of portions. Or, maybe you’re itching to take a trip either through a tour or with friends and family to obtain a whole set for yourself. With regards to Polish pottery, most people stationed in Europe think it is hard to state no. And why should you? Surviving in Europe means you contain the opportunity to go directly to the source and discover the best prices for the best quality of parts and unique styles only found with certain factories. Plus, it’s an experience that you’ll never forget. You’ll feel just like you’ve hit the jackpot in the Polish pottery lottery.

How it started

Boleslawiec, the tiny Polish town famous for its pottery, is situated in Lower Silesia, close to the German and Czech borders, founded more than 760 years back, first under Bohemian, then Prussian (German) guideline. Folk artists creating ceramics in the city are documented dating back to the 15th century. Originally called Bunzlau when its pottery became well-known, you may hear a mention of “Bunzlauer” pottery as well as Polish or Boleslawiec pottery.

After WWII, the city was annexed into Poland, renamed Boleslawiec and its own German residents were expelled. The Polish residents wanted to keep the craft alive and re-opened the factories using the same traditional methods to make ceramics as the Germans. Many German ceramic artists whose family members possessed made the pottery for generations continued to make Bunzlauer pottery in Germany.
In the tiny village of Boleslawiec, Poland, skilled artisans continue their centuries-old folk art tradition as they handcraft each stoneware piece from local clay. Blooming red florals are hand-painted using carved sponges and fine brushwork before every bubble mug is glazed and fired at high temperatures for everlasting beauty. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Handcrafted specifically for Uno Alla Volta, from the heart and hands of the artisan. Dimensions – 3.5” tall, keeps 11 oz.

Five generations of the Frommhold family have made Bunzlauer pottery and still do today. However, pottery crafted from Boleslawiec factories is currently marked “Manufactured in Poland.”

polish pottery ceramic mugs and How it’s made

Polish pottery from Boleslawiec is special for just one reason: the clay. Effortlessly forming, abundant and excavated near town, this even white clay produces quality, durable stoneware which allows for a rich glaze color.

The pottery is of a functional, utilitarian design, made for each day use and good care. Originally the crocks were for storage area of dairy products and other harvested and cured components of simple decoration and color. Potatoes or sea sponges were used to stamp designs onto the clay. Today, artists use specially designed sponge stamps and brushes to produce the motifs with rich blues, creams, greens, yellows and sometimes red and purple glazes. You’ll also find designs for a range of functional and dinnerware uses, with patterns of dots, swirls, hearts and stars, stripes, flowers, leaves and one of the oldest & most popular, peacock sight. Some patterns, such as the peacock eyes, have been with us for generations, while some are seasonal or specific and then certain factories. Portions marked with UNIKAT mean they may be unique, created by one artist throughout the complete creation process, and are of higher value. Those marked with one or two 2 are stronger, such as range and dishwasher safe, and are also more valuable and expensive.